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After waiting 5 months to get in to the shelter this single mother of a teenage son gained employment at the Space & Rocket Center after being unemployed for 5 years. We helped her with transportation, case management and food assistance and bought her first set of uniforms and shoes. Within 2 months she was promoted to supervisor, while at the shelter she was able to pay off tickets and fines gain her license and purchase a car.  After 2 years at the shelter she was able to move into a rental property.


Dartricia came to us as a single mother of a teenage boy. Through a contact of the shelter we helped her find employment after being unemployed for over a year.  She found a house to rent in just six months and moved out and continues to volunteer at the shelter to encourage others.

Melissa & Mike

Mike came to us as a single father of two children, while Melissa was facing health challenges. He worked and went to school, we helped with after-school care, gas, food  and direction for housing. After 5 months Melissa joined him and three months later they found a rental house they could afford and moved out. Mike has a good job and Melissa is a stay at home mom for their two children.