Many of the families are coming from broken situations and need help making "heads or tails" of their needed direction. We provide life skills classes, debt and money management education and counseling as well as good old fashion advise about decisions they need to make to get started toward self-sufficiency.  

We believe that education is the key to finding a better income. 85% of our residents are in need of a high school diploma. We work with local agencies that provide GED education, pay for supplies and testing to help them achieve this goal.

For those interested in a trade we help them get into school and provide supplies and the tools they need to succeed.  

What We Do...


Summer Program

Recognizing that our children needed special care for their educational progress, we developed a summer program that gives our students incentives and extra support to ensure they succeed in their education. They have tutors available, educational outings,  games, outings and arts & crafts. 

Rise Above

Helping families learn to make better choices through life skill classes, mentorship and education.  We work with local programs and businesses to help find employment and further residents' education. Each family sets goals for reaching housing stability and works towards those goals with a plan made by a case manager, they tell us what they need to achieve their goals and we do our best to remove barriers so they can RISE ABOVE their current situation.

How To Get Involved


Keeping Families Together 256-929-3215

 PO Box 11907, Huntsville, AL  35814

3419 Venona Ave, Huntsville, AL  35810

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improving family life, 

knowledge and understanding!

New Futures operates the Marilyn Mabry Family Lodge which features a fourteen bedroom facility with private bathrooms and a shared kitchen, living room, ect. Food pantry items are available to help families supplement any assistance they receive.

Families are allowed to prepare their own meals and return to a practice of a family meal time together daily.  Other services provided include, daycare, transportation,